"Trebuie să recunoaştem că toate jocurile dintre un bărbat şi o femeie, chiar şi cele mai literale sunt implicit sexuale."

Magicianul - John Fowles

sâmbătă, 6 noiembrie 2010

Well - everybody lies.

I just learned that everybody lies. I mean, I thought he was devoted, but now I can see...the more devoted, more reason to lie. Or maybe he wasn`t actually devoted, he just enjoyed seeing me in love and capable of anything for him and he took advantage from it. I`m really glad I`m free again. :)

I have at least one reason to be happy !

2 comentarii:

lost spunea...

I'm with u...orice ar fi!
if you are happy then i am happy for u! :* don't give up!
you'll find true love one day...am vrut sa ma mentin in tonalitatea textului :)))
te poop tot binele din loooome numai tie!!! si noua clar!

FLuuu spunea...

baby we need to talk :*